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Terrill "Terry" Albright
Beverley Ann Anderson
Mr. Emery V Anthony
Antonino Arnone
Mildred E. Barnhorst
Maurine Adele Beach
Robert 'Rob' Belt
Richard 'Dick' Frank Benham
Priscilla Ann Bethel
Mr. John E. Borgert
Edward "Eddie" Borneman
Mrs. Baraba Joyce Boros
Mrs. Barbara Boros
Marvin Rader Bradley
Thomas Patrick Brady
Mr. William Harry Brandt
Ellen M. Brennan
Levi Jacob Callahan
Walter E Cantrell Jr.
Lawrence J Carcare
Dora Dean Carmin
Thomas Oliver Cartmel
Bruce M. Causey Jr
Mr. Robert M. Chaney
Mr. Paul Ray Chapman
Marjorie Alice Clark
Paul Vincent Connolly
Paula June Conover
Mr. Donald Patrick Considine
Mary Barbara Consodine
Beverly B. Cook
Howard Tyson Cox Jr.
Edgar Glenn Davis Sr.
Wilhelmina I.A. Davis
Janet M. Dawson
David A. Deering
Ms. Ann Marie Detweiler
Leslie Charles 'Chuck' DeVoe
Raydon T. Dillon
Kevin Edward Dooley
Mrs. Susan Kay Dorsey
Claude B. Edwards
Rosemary Catherine English
Melanie Esselman
Dr. Alfred F. Fasola PhD,
Ernest Jackson Felton
Gary Charles Fogle
Margaret Forsthoefel
Gary Le Freeman
Maureen Carey Gardner
Thomas C. Garrison
Kathryn Louise 'Kitty' Gerdes
Vera M. Gerlach
Carole Jeanne Giesler
Robert R. Girk
John Martin Gladden
Mr. Russell Myles Glassford
Russell Myles Glassford
Carolyn Lynn Gray
Timothy Michael Griffin
Calvin Donald Grimme
Marcus Guttrich
Rosemary Ann Haboush
Mary Jane Haley
John 'Jack' Haley
Mr. Edwin W Happ
M. Ann McLeaster Hart
Louise Logan Hartley
Paul M. Harvey
Robert Konrad Heisserer
Leo Raymond Henry
Charlotte Deiling Hilmer
Susan Kathleen Hodgin
Mrs. Marianne G. Hollibaugh
Avis Hull
Argyle Gordon Jackson
Barbara Ann Jacobs
Dana Lynn Jacobs
Patricia S. Katterjohn
John C. Keedy
Katherine Kelley
Patricia S Ketcham
Kenneth Keith Kistler
Walter F. Kladden
William R. Kniptash
Keith Ronald Koster
Michael Brooks Lakin
Dr. Jay William Lang
John E. Langdon
Jane Lathrop
C. Ruth Laube
Kristina Ward Knall Leonard
Joseph Thomas Lettelleir
Gary Light
Karen Ann Loose
Darlene Lunsford
Thomas F. Lux
Mark Edward Martin Jr.
Alice Marie Maskey
Richard McDowell
Paul Samuel McInnis
Alice Hollenbeck Greene McKinney
John C. McLane
Steven Russell Meyer
Richard Edward Miltz
Mrs. Phyills G Monson
George C. Monter
Mrs. Laurel Ann Montgomery
Gloria L. Montgomery
James Francis Moran
Betty J. Moroney
Ruth Esther Nesbitt
Ripley Edwin 'Ned' Nickerson Jr
Gloria Pauline O'Brien-Selb
Mary Peggy O'Kane
Angela Renee (Davis) Ohms
Thomas Scott "Tom" Osborne
Samuel Parker
Sylvia V. Patrick
Benjamin B. Paul Jr.
John G. Pecsok
Eugene Richard Peters
Joan B. Peterson
Mrs. Cathy Lea Pflugh
Reba "Ricki" Pierce
Daniel Thomas Powell Jr.
Marilyn Kay Ramsey
Richard William Reifel
Doris J. Richards
Jeanne Jacobs Rivest
Mr. Ian Andrew Rose
Charlene Farris Rupp
Mr. William Gene Sampson
Mrs. Sara E Sanderson
William Douglas Sare
Richard Edward Saunders
Timothy T. Scannell
Major Robert Lee Scott
James Steven Seal
Betty J. Shafer
Mrs. Emma Lucy Sharpe
Le Anne Shaw
Larry Sherrill
Mr. Richard L Smith
J. Douglas Craig Snider
Krisitin C. Spickelmier
Caiden Eli Stauch
Phyllis Noerager Stern
Jeremy Daniel Strahm
Charles R. Taylor
Mr. Tyler Jay Thieleman
Steven Claude Thompson
Brandon Scott Tocco
Mr. Kenneth Benjamin Tull
Florence C, Tutwiler
Mr. Richard A Vance
Walter G. Vonnegut
Cullen Curtis Ward
Nancy Marie Weber
James 'Jim' Webster
Thomas James Weir
William F. Welch
William D. Wells
Edward Alan West
Maude Adeline White
Ann Katherine White
Annette L. Whitlock
Robert C. "Bob" Whitlock
Richard Wildberger
Steven Edward Williams
James W. Wilson II
Robert William Wright
Wallace R. 'Wally' Yakey
Karl Zimmer Jr.
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What sets our funeral home apart from others is the facilitation and encouragement our families receive in telling the life story of their loved ones. Whether it is through displays of personal artifacts during visitations, incorporating personal music selections or our most popular and exclusively produced tribute DVDs, we encourage our families to embrace the moment and make it a very meaningful experience. In over twenty years of service, it is special to see a community embrace the opportunity to celebrate the lives in unique and affordable ceremonies as they have here in our community.

We have many dedicated people who have extensive experience in finding just the right garden, mausoleum space or private estate for their families. Our staff can also assist those who desire to preplan their funerals in addition to selecting final placement sites.  We feel we provide a single funeral home and cemetery location that enables a family to make one decision that eases many burdens.  We look forward to continuing the services and long history of Leppert Mortuary not only as a memorial destination but as a community epicenter.

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